Submission #15042 by East Meadow Jewish Center Men's Club - East Meadow, NY (833)

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Submitted by hibu444
Fri, 2019-01-25 16:38
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East Meadow Jewish Center Men's Club - East Meadow, NY (833)
World Wide Wrap 2019
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We gather in our main sanctuary and put on our tallit & tefillin. We help those who don't know how to put on tefillin and help them recite the brachot.  We then start shacharit service and our rabbi, interrupts the service at certain spots to explain the service and the prayers.  After shacharit, everyone approachs the bema steps and poses for our annual group photo still wearing their tallit and tefillin.

After the photo, Men's Club sponsors a sit down breakfast and our rabbi explains the significance of tefillin and how the FJMC donates pairs of tefillin to less fortunate synagogues.

This has been a very well attended and sucessful program for our club. I believe this is our 14th or 15th year doing the program. Our Hebrew School students always join us!