Submission #151 by Har Shalom Men's Club - Potomac, MD (1151)

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Submitted by hfreed
Wed, 2013-01-30 08:02
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Har Shalom Men's Club - Potomac, MD (1151)
World Wide Wrap 2013
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Club President
$ 25

The Har Shalom Men's club 2013 WWW will be held during Sunday am minyan on Febraury 3 and will be followed by a Brunch. Regular minyan attendees, parents and several Reglious School classes will attend. Rabbi and Hazan will lead by teaching about laying tefillin. Members will pair with kids, their own and others, as the tefilin is put on and prayers are said.  School classes have been teaching the use of tefillin each Sunday for some prior months.Following service, adults will go to a brunch, expected to be over 100 people. Kids will resume their classes. The speaker will be Eric Fusfield of the ADL International Center on Human Rights, who will speak on Anti-semitism in Europe. 

Hal Freed, Past President 1/30/13