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Wed, 2019-01-30 18:54
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Beth Emeth-Bais Yehuda Men's Club - Downsview, ON (404)
World Wide Wrap 2019
Club President
$ 150

We will begin the morning wiht 1/2 hour of tefillin instruction and information, then join in a deluxe breakfast where we will have a featured speaker.

We have arranged for Dr Yonatan Adler, and archeological from Ariel University in Israel to talk about the ancient tefillin found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr Adler has begun to examine them, and will soon be the first person in 2000 years to look inside and see what is written. Dr Adler will spend the weekend with the congregation; he will speak on Friday night, at both minyanim on Saturday morning (7:30 am & 8:45 am) and talk with the "NextGeneration" group on Saturday night. He will give a presentation on tefillin at the Wrap.