Submission #15172 by Northern Hills Synagogue Men's Club - Cincinnati, OH (304)

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Submitted by BarryW
Mon, 2019-02-04 19:29
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Northern Hills Synagogue Men's Club - Cincinnati, OH (304)
World Wide Wrap 2019
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Working with Religious school preparing students to lead Sunday morning service and answer questions about the service as they are leading. Pair men and women who wear tefillin on a regular bases with students as coaches. Put on tallit and tefillin together at the begining of the service with explanations and instrucgtion for our Rabbi. Following service we provide a nice breakfast to all attendees. While eating, we invite those attending to tell personal stories about wearing tefillin. Additionally, a discount is provided by our Rabbi to anyone attending the event in the purchase of a new set of tefillin through the fjmc.