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Har Shalom Men's Club - Potomac, MD (1151)
World Wide Wrap 2015
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Our Men's Club worked with the Clergy and our Director of Education to come up with a program that would teach each Religous School students about tefilin in an way appropriate for their age group. Different programs were designed for each class of the Religous School. Rabbi Raskin, Hazzan Ozur Bass, Director of Synagogue Education Rabbi Debbie Cohen, and the teachers will facilitate the different programs with the held of Men's Club members. The Men's Club procured Build A Pair Kits and the film, The Ties That Bind, for the program.  Parents and clubs members will be encouraged to attend. Rabbi Raskin will also conduct a learning session and service for adults. The individual programs to be held on World-Wide Wrap Day – February 8, by class, are listed below.



K to 4th Grade – Programming fit into daily schedule

Grades 5 to 7

9:00 to 10:15 – Workshops & Adult Education Session

10:15 to 11:00 – World Wide Wrap Service

 Kindergarten – Goal: Build Familiarity with Tefillin. A member of the Men's club who regularly puts on Tefillin will come to class to show the students the Tefillin and to exhibit putting it on.   Allow the students to pass the Tefillin around, feel, touch etc. 

First Grade –  Goal: Compare Tefillin to Ritual Objects Familiar to the Students. Rabbi Adam Raskin. Compare the inside of a Mezuzah and Tefillin.   Notice how similar they are to one another.  Find the same text in the Torah.   Show how the Shema is repeated in each.  Compare a Mezuzah case, a Torah ark and a Tefillin bag plus casing.   What is similar between them?

Grade 2 – Build a Pair Program with the Art Specialist – Goal: Have the students creatively connect with the Tefillin and explore in more depth its components. Men’s Club will provide 10 sets of the Build-a-Pair Kits. A  member of the Men's Club who regularly puts on Tefillin will come to class to show the students Tefillin and exhibit putting it on.   Allow the students to pass the Tefillin around, feel, touch etc.    Then, with this context in mind, have the students participate in Build a Pair.

The Build-A-Pair kits teach students and families to enjoy the mitzvah of tefillin. Each kit includes pre-cut wooden pieces for ten(10) students. No woodworking is required. It comes with ribbon for straps, glue, measuring jig, ribbon puller, pre-cut ''parchment strips'', and written instructions with pictures and instructional video on CD. Also includes sample wrap songs all included! (printed and on CD).   

Grade 3Facilitated by Rabbi Cohen. Compare the Three and Four-pronged Shin – Goal: Delve into one of the many interesting and mystical midrashim about Tefillin.   Dovetail with the 3rd Grade curriculum which includes Hebrew decoding skills. Show the students Tefillin and the different Shins on them.   Compare and explain the midrashim about the 4-pronged shin.   Do a creative art project based on the 4-pronged Shin.  First part – Facilitated by Rabbi Cohen  Second part – facilitated by the teachers.

Grade 4 – Text study of the Shema, focusing on the section about Tefillin.   Goal: Connect Tefillin to the students Hebrew curriculum and gain greater understanding of the mitzvah through looking at the related texts. Facilitated by Rabbi Cohen. The students are studying the Shema in the 4th grade.   Delve into a greater understanding of its words, and the connection to Tefillin by studying the Torah and later texts.   A study sheet will be created and the discussion facilitated by Rabbi Cohen.

Grade 5 -  Movie – Goal: Teach the skills of putting on Tefillin. Watch the Federation of Men’s Club movie “The Ties that Bind” and a visit with a congregation member to learn how to put on Tefillin.  The Men's Club will provide the movie.

Grade 6 – Tefillin Workshop with Rabbi Levi Raskin – Goal- Introduction to the art and skills of making Tefillin and being a sofer. Rabbi Cohen has contacted Rabbi Levi Raskin to facilitate,. The job of a “Sofer”, or scribe, is usually something most students don’t think much about. However, after this experiential workshop, some students may consider a career change…

The students will learn about the art and skills of Tefillin fabrication, including some of its hidden meanings. In a hands-on environment, parchment and Teffilin sets are examined closely and the process of Tefillin in making, including the “Batim” leather housings for the parchment scrolls, is displayed step by step.

The students will then perform the task of a Sofer and proofread copies of a Tefillin scroll, trying to catch out those mistakes! Finally, the students join the presenter in manufacturing real ink from scratch – something that has truly become a relic of the past….

Grade 7 – Spiritual Meaning of Tefillin – Goal: Explore the spiritual significance and meaning of Tefillin in Jewish life and texts. Hazzan Ozur Bass. Utilize the Morasha lesson on Tefillin, focusing on the textual commentaries most relevant to our students.  Facilitated by Hazzan Ozur Bass.


Adults –

                9:00 to 9:30 am – Session with Rabbi Raskin on how to put on Tefillin

                9:30 to 10:15 am – Session with Rabbi Raskin on the meaning and purpose of Tefillin

The objective of our program is to teach our students about tefilin. Hopefully this program will be successful and be repeated each year at Har Shalom .