Submission #3478 by East Meadow Jewish Center Men's Club - East Meadow, NY (833)

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Submitted by Jay Steinmetz
Mon, 2015-01-19 14:27
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East Meadow Jewish Center Men's Club - East Meadow, NY (833)
World Wide Wrap 2015
Club President
$ 100

We invite the Hebrew School children, their parents and the teachers to join us for Shcharit service. We teach the kids and those adults who may have forgotten to lay tefillin.

As the service progresses, our rabbi stops momentarily and explains the different parts of the service and it's significance.

After services, we all gather on the bemah for a hugh group photo, which gets published in our newsletter and is posted on our community bulletin board. We sometimes get it published in our local newspaper.

After services, we all have a sit down breakfast where our rabbi will deliver a D'Var torah on a pertinent subject and open the floor to any questions.

This will be our 14th year participating in the WWW and we look forward to it every year.

This has been one of our more sucessful programs!