Submission #3587 by Kehilat Nitzan - Victoria, AU

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Submitted by afstein
Sun, 2015-01-25 23:42
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Kehilat Nitzan - Victoria, AU
World Wide Wrap 2015
Club President

We will continue our yearly tradition of meeting on the Sunday morning of the WWW in Melbourne, Australia, while America is still celebrating Shabbat (16-19 hours earlier than us!). We will teach a bit about tefillin, help new wrappers wrap, daven shacharit, and have a lovely breakfast afterwards. Each year we and our sister shul in Sydney are proud to be the first shuls in the world to have our WWW photo posted, and we plan to do so again this year. In all the past years, we've had the event at our founding president's home, and we've taken the picture around the pool, indicating the summer weather here in the Southern Hemisphere. He's since sold that house, and we're having the event in our new shul building for the first time, but we'll still take the picture outside in our garden or the nearby park, with sunny and warm weather!