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Thu, 2015-01-29 09:27
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Jewish Men's Club of The Valleys - Murrieta , CA (1066)
World Wide Wrap 2015
Club President

We will hold the Wrap in conjunction with the Congregation B'nai Chaim school, at B'nai Chaim, with people from that congregation and Beth Sholom.  We will combine demonstrations, questioning both to and from the children, and active practicing of putting on tefillin with blessings.

a) Introduction, showing of pair of tefillin, asking about their knowledge of what tefillin is, poem about the feeling of tefillin
b) Reading of 2 torah passages about tefillin (end of BO, and the Ve'ahavta)
c) the history and meaning of tefillin; how made, what are the torah passages inside, the different kinds of tefillin
d) collective walkthrough the routine of putting on tefillin with saying blessings at right times (using visual aids and printed-out blessings)
e) continued practice with children alternating routine of putting on and taking off