Submission #3692 by Temple Gates of Prayer Men's Club - Flushing, NY (837)

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Submitted by ronullmann
Thu, 2015-02-05 17:18
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Temple Gates of Prayer Men's Club - Flushing, NY (837)
World Wide Wrap 2015
Club President

We have the following elements to our 2015 World Wid e Wrap progrm:

1.  We offer people information on how to put on Teffilin.

2.  We have Shacharit Services.

3.  Rabbi Thaler gives a D'var Torah on the Mitzvah of putting on Teffilin and shows how they are constructed.  He also notes some of the traditions regarding Teffilin such as some people putting on 2 slightly different pairs of Teffilin.

4.  Our Men's Club sponsors a bagel, lox and cream cheese breakfast.

5.  We showed a tape on how Teffilin are made.