Submission #6565 by Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood - Brookline, MA (717)

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Submitted by DavidKaplan
Sun, 2015-12-20 10:46
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Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood - Brookline, MA (717)
World Wide Wrap 2016
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TENTATIVE PLAN 12/20/2015:

Going back to basics. Open to anyone. Hook will be acknowledging that most of our members have zero tefillin experience and think the practice is weird, have similar near-zero experience with the morning minyan, and can't imagine why anyone would take good weekend time to be where people mumble in Hebrew, a language we neither understand, nor can follow easily.

Planning on an early, brief, mini-Hearing Men's Voices model discussion about why those of use who regularly wear tefillin wear tefillin, and an even briefer introduction to the content and structure of the morning service befor our regular (35 minute,) minyan and then some really good food.  Maybe ending with a three inning indoor wiffle ball game if we can pull off the logistics.