Submission #6613 by Har Shalom Men's Club - Potomac, MD (1151)

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Submitted by hfreed
Wed, 2015-12-23 21:18
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Har Shalom Men's Club - Potomac, MD (1151)
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World Wide Wrap 2016
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The HS Men's Club will redo last year's Gold Torch Award winning program, which provided an age appropriate WWW program in each of the seven Regligious School Classes plus an adult session and a learning service for adults, minyan and six and seventh graders. We will use Build a Pair kids, the "ties that bind" movie, among other programs. Men's Club members will be in each class demonstrating tefillin to the children.  Clergy and the Religious School Director have worked with the Men's Club to prepare for the WWW, including publicity and refreshments.

This has been a great program within the synagogue for Men's Club, the FJMC and, of course, for the kids . It was a great success in 2015 and the synagogue has captured it as part of the school program.

Hal Freed, Past President Seaboard Region and Har Shalom Men's Club and member of the WWW Committee.