Submission #6812 by Temple Beth Shalom Men's Club - Livingston, NJ (941)

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Submitted by irwinvpculture
Sun, 2016-01-03 23:36
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Temple Beth Shalom Men's Club - Livingston, NJ (941)
World Wide Wrap 2016
Club President

Our program for WORLD WIDE WRAP starts with a comprehensive instructional program dedicated to those attendees needing "Basic" Tefillin Instructions, as well as, refresher hints for those that have the "basics" but are looking for additional instruction to make their WORLD WIDE WRAP (Tefillin)experience more meaningful. After our instructional period, we turn to the Morning Service. After a meaningful(Kavanah Filled) Service we have several presentations about Daily Minyan,

Men's Club and future activities. We then gather on the Bima for a Group Picture of the WORLD WIDE WRAP attendees.

This is followed by a Complimentary Breakfast  for all our participants.

We at Temple Beth Shalom in Livingston,N.J. are looking forward to a great turnout for our WORLD WIDE WRAP

Celebration!! Thanks to FJMC for their Organization and Assistance.