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Submitted by Elliot Sturman
Thu, 2016-01-07 20:54
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Etz Chaim Men's Club - Thousand Oaks, CA (1036)
World Wide Wrap 2016
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Our WWW program is heavily focused on giving the Religious School students an interesting introduction to tefillin.

* We do the Build-a-Pair program with the 6th graders and general tefillin training with the 6th through 10th graders. 

* Training includes not only how to wrap the tefillin but also such topics as:

- The purpose of tefillin (i.e., how tefillin motivate us to use our minds, hearts, and strength to help God complete his plan for the world).

- How tefillin are made

- What's the 4-pronged shin on the tefillin shel rosh all about? (Hint: Its actually a regular three-pronged shin in white fire)

- What are those crazy knots all about (i.e., Shaddai and how this relates the Priestly Blessing, mezuzahs, breasts (if it can be tied in appropriately), and the Vulcan salute).

- How the ancient ritual of tefillin is reflected in Star Wars and Star Trek.

- How the tefillin  symbolize the marriage of God and the Jewish people.

I would be happy to send you our PowerPoint training slides if you'd like.

* We do the WWW in the Sunday morning minyan for the synagouge as a whole and another WWW with the Sunday Religious School students using their Build-a-Pair and real tefillin.


Probably would be good if this site was able to accept uploads of documents related to this program to facilitate sharing.