Submission #6891 by Agudas Achim Men's Club - Alexandria, VA (1117)

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Submitted by jasonrubin
Tue, 2016-01-12 19:10
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Agudas Achim Men's Club - Alexandria, VA (1117)
World Wide Wrap 2016
Club President

> 9:00am - If you're already a tefillin pro (or want to help the morning numbers) join us in the chapel for the regular morning minyan.

> 9:45am - Men's club members will lead a brief class and hands on training for how to wrap tefillin. We'll have a few spare sets for those that don't own a pair of their own. Once we're all suited up, we'll take a group photo, so feel free to wear your team colors.

> 10:00am - The Sunday School 5th & 6th graders will join us to wrap and learn about tefillin. This is where mom and dad can show off their newly expanded knowledge on wrapping.

> 10:30am - Following the wrap sessions, join us in the social hall for a breakfast brunch of eggs, potatoes, and plenty of starches to get you through a day of watching football. Comfortable pants are recommended. During the brunch, there will be a short discussion on the significance and history of tefillin.

> 11:45am - Our program will be over, but since you're already at synagogue, you might as well throw in an extra prayer for your team (unless you're a Cowboys fan - no amount of prayer will help them).