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Sun, 2016-01-17 13:56
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B'nai Shalom Men's Club - Walnut Creek, CA (1094)
World Wide Wrap 2016
Club President
$ 25

This World wide Wrap willbe the first for the B'nail Shalom Congregation (CBS) Men's Club as it is our first ear of FJMC affiliaion. Our program includes partnering with our Religious School with the Build-A-Pair program. On Wednesday evening, February 3rd, following Religious School, we willbe having a Dinner & Discussion Program featuring the the video "The Ties That Bind". Both our rabbi and chazzan have a greed to attend. The Chazzan will introduce the video and the rabbi will facilitate a Q & A sesion following dinner and the the video.


On Sunday, February 7th, the CBS Men's Club willfacilitate the Wide WordWrap in conjunction with Religious School students and parents, Men's Club member, and other members of the synagogue and comunity who may not be Men's Club members. Following the World Wide Wrap, which we plan on being an educational service, allowing first timers, or those who don't proactice "wrapping" t'filin often to experience this ritual, we will serve a complimentary breakfast to participants.