Submission #6930 by Temple Aliyah Men's Club - Woodland Hills, CA (1041)

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Submitted by msholk
Mon, 2016-01-18 02:46
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Temple Aliyah Men's Club - Woodland Hills, CA (1041)
World Wide Wrap 2016
Club President
$ 300
Training, education and assembly of Tefillin at the 6th grade classes
About 30 6th grade children participat in the Build-A-Pair classes.
About 60 of the children, parents, men’s Club members and congregants participated in the WWW event on Feb 1 2015
Experienced club members help the students to practice the Tefillin wrapping their Build-A-Pair kits and loaner Tefillin sets. During the wrapping and morning service, all students wearing their Tefillin receive a free raffle ticket to win a new pair of Tefillin. Additional tickets are sold to parents and others in attendance. Finally, Men’s Club hosts a full breakfast and pulls the winning raffle ticket.