Submission #696 by Orangetown Jewish Center Men's Club - Orangeburg, NY (1886)

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Submitted by Jeffry H. Horowitz
Sun, 2013-12-08 15:35
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Orangetown Jewish Center Men's Club - Orangeburg, NY (1886)
World Wide Wrap 2014
Club President

Our Rabbi and lay leaders will conduct a Tefilling workshop at 8:30 for all first timers and those that need reminders on "how to put on Tefillin"

At 9, as services begin, the "experienced" Tefillin wearers will buddy up with first timers and continue thru the morning service.  our Rabbi will explain different aspects of the morning service where the touching of Tefillin are required.  After services are completed and all Tefillin is re wrapped and placed back into their bags, a light breakfast will be held.

at the same time services are going on, our youth will be be "creating" their own Tefillin.