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Sat, 2016-01-23 14:19
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Anshei Israel Men's Club - Tucson, AZ (1057)
World Wide Wrap 2016
Club President
Lew Crane

Rabbi Ruven Barkan and the Men's Club are inviting all Religious School students, their parents, and amyone else interested in learning about tefillin. The community is wlecome to join us at 9:00 in the Chapel to daven and "wrap" with us. Adults who want to wrap tefillin need to come at 8:45 to learn (or re-learn) with a few expert "minyanaires" . During the service, there will be pauses for people to talk about the meaning and significance of tefillin. After the service at 9:30, we'll have an informal brunch of bagels and coffee, and at 10:00, Rabbi Eisen will lead a study session entitled "Mr. Manners Comes to Shul: The Etiquette of a  Prayerful Experience."