Submission #853 by Shaare Torah Men's Club - Gaithersburg, MD (1114)

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Submitted by dfreiman
Mon, 2014-01-13 15:06
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Shaare Torah Men's Club - Gaithersburg, MD (1114)
World Wide Wrap 2014
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We plan to hold two events because the Rabbi will be out of town on February 2nd:

1.  During Hebrew school on January 26th, we will have a program with the 6th graders and the rabbi.  We will show Ties that Bind, teach the kids to put on Tfillin and have a modified minyan with them.

2.  On February 2nd, we will have a minyan run by Men's Club members.  We will encourage members to bring Tfillin, will show Ties that Bind and will have a session to teach folks to lay.  We will supply nosh and coffee.

This year's programming is a significant upgrade from prior years and is the first time we have involved the rabbi and our Ritual Committee.  We are looking to publicize the public event on February 2nd and have a great turnout. As this is the first year we will go beyond the Hebrew school for participants, we do not have much of an idea about our number of participants.  Hopefully we will get more than the 30 estimated above.