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Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood - Brookline, MA (717)
World Wide Wrap 2014
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This year we are thrilled to embark on a forward thinking "exciting adventure into twenty-first century Jewish education" as a supporter and collaborator of "an integrated, student`centered educational program for children in grades K-5."  Our club, the Congregation Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood, of Chestnut Hill, MA, has joyfully joined with two more neighboring FJMC brotherhoods, Temple Reyim and Temple Emeth, also from Newton, MA.

Our synagogues' education leaders "fused' the first initial of the name of each of their respective congregations, i.e., mem and aleph and resh; and, came up with a word, "Ma'or," which translates from the Hebrew to English language as "illumination."  The vision of Ma'or  states that it "will extend beyond the traditional classroom to connect learning and living, studying and doing, resulting in the creatiion of a community of lifelong learners and active members who are excited, fulfilled, and purposeful in their Jewish journeys.  Ma'or will tap into a wide range of community resources, integrating the Jewish educatiional setting/school, family education, connections with each synagogue, and a relatiionship with the greater Jewish community to provide a relevant and meaningful experience for its students."

The Brotherhood of Congregatiion Mishksn Tefila is proud that the Ma'or educational collaborative has chosed to incorporate an established Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs signature event, the "World Wide Wrap" into its curriculum.  The participation of three neighboring FJMC brotherhoods in this learning opportuning and celebration of the mitzvah of tefillin is gratifying on many levels.  How wonderful it is to be a part of this Day of Celebration of the mitzavah of tefillin.  How wonderful it is to realize that when we don tefillin , we join klal Yisrael in Wrapping the World in words of G-d's Torah.  How wonderful it is to join young and old who imagine and contemplate.

Three rabbis, R. Gordon, of Congregation Mishkan Tefila, R. Turetz, of Temple Emeth, and, R. Berman, of Temple Reyim, will each teach a session on the morning of the "Wrap."  Multiple generations of their congregants and others from the community will come to learn, and lay tefillin, as an outgrowth of the FJMC World Wide Wrap.

Don Grenadir, M.D.

Chairman, CMT World Wide Wrap 2014