Submission #911 by B'nai Israel Mitzvah Men's Club - St. Petersburg, FL (1305)

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Sun, 2014-01-19 14:08
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B'nai Israel Mitzvah Men's Club - St. Petersburg, FL (1305)
World Wide Wrap 2014
co chairs
Club President
$ 100

Publicity:  flyers mailed to all families in cong.

                 Large posters up in shul & school

                 Weekly emails to cong for 4 wks prior

                 Back page ad in shul bulletin

Pre:          All kids in Hebrew school did build-a-pair

Events:  Mentoring/teaching

              Table display with history, disected tefillin, postres, handouts with instructions & brachot

              AM Schacharit service; Rabbi forbade any deviations for "normal" service, so it will be boring for most attendees

              Alan Gross gourmet breakfast featuring wraps (get it?) FREE to all attendees

              Broadcaster for Tampa Bay Rays will be featured speaker and take Q & A