Submission #925 by Etz Chaim Men's Club - Thousand Oaks, CA (1036)

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Tue, 2014-01-21 11:21
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Etz Chaim Men's Club - Thousand Oaks, CA (1036)
World Wide Wrap 2014
Club President

Build-a-Pair was held in early January 2014 with our 6th grade class. This is our 6th year doing this program and we had 35 participants. Men's club members and the class teachers work with the students to build, paint and install the straps in their Tefillin.

The week before the WWW is our annual Tefillin Training program with our 6th, 7th grade classes and our confirmation class. In this program we work with the kids, teaching them meaning of the tefillin, the prayers and the proper way to wear them. We use both their Build-a-Pair sets and kosher tefillin to show them the proper way to put them on and afix the straps.

On WWW Sunday we run both the morning Minyan and include the religious school directly in the Minyan. This year we have one group of our students who has put together a wRap for us. Breakfast is served after the Minyan