Submission #938 by New City Jewish Center Men's Club - New City, NY (1850)

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Submitted by lavgreen25
Tue, 2014-01-21 22:41
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New City Jewish Center Men's Club - New City, NY (1850)
World Wide Wrap 2014
Club President

there will be 4 stations where wrappers of all ages can learn about tefillin, how to wrap the Tefillin, what the straps symbolize, etc. Each station will be headed by a member of the NCJC Hebrew Faculty or a Rabbi. After each "wrapper" has completed their wrap, a short service will be held with some explanatory notes from the Faculty and/or Rabbis who will be present. 

At the conclusion of the service and after the Wrappers, both Men and children, have rewrapped their tefillin and placed them in their bags, a breakfast will be held to celebrate the WWW, with pancakes for the kids and Bagels, cream cheese and lox for the adults.