Submission #991 by Olam Tikvah Men's Club - Fairfax, VA (1147)

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Mon, 2014-01-27 14:36
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Olam Tikvah Men's Club - Fairfax, VA (1147)
World Wide Wrap 2014
Club President

 World Wide Wrap and Breakfast,  

Sunday morning, February 2, 9:00am: 

The Men's Club and other OT members will in and study the mitzvah of putting on t'fillin at Sunday minyan.  Men, women and youth have been invited to participate in a breakfast and discussion led by Assistant Rabbi Ita Paskind after the service.  People arrive early to be assisted in putting on tefillin by the Rabbi and Men's Club volunteers.  Seaboard Region Executive VP Bruce Gordon will also be there to greet and assist participants, and we will distribute the tefillin instruction card designed by the Men's Club of B'nai Amoona in St. Louis.