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20152019-09-15 10:50jbrajer24.13.234.202North Suburban Beth El Men's Club - Highland Park, IL (614)World Wide Wrap 2019JoriBrajerjbrajer@gmail.comSteveCovenscoven613@gmail.com15050

We will be hosting our club member led tradional dvar and bagels after morning minyan.  At minyan, club members will be present to act as Tefillin Trainers for those who do not know how to wrap or need a little more help.   Additional pairs of tefillin will be available for those who do not have them.  Leading up to WWW day, we will also have trianers available to assist in wrapping.  

20142019-02-28 10:12hrsnow2176.73.253.234Synagogue Emanu-El Men's Club - Charleston, SC (1717)World Wide Wrap 2019CraigBrowdyhrsnow21@gmail.comHaroldGratergraterharold76@gmail.com10035

Conducted minyon service, followed by brunch.

20132019-02-27 09:13Anonymous (not verified) Jeshurun Men's Club - Elkins Park, PA (524)World Wide Wrap 2019MrEdMoseskaredlon@aol.comMr.EdMoseskaredlon@aol.com20040
20122019-02-10 20:14Anonymous (not verified) B’nai Israel Emanu-El Men's Club - Elkins Park, PA (543)synagogue emanu elWorld Wide Wrap 2019HaroldGratergraterharold76@gmail.com10035
20112019-02-04 20:56mkeats173.70.90.129B'nai Israel Men's Club - Millburn, NJ (920)World Wide Wrap 2019AlexMarcusamarcus@mac.comAlexMarcusamarcus@mac.com20

For local reasons, we will be holding World Wide Wrap on Feb 24

20102019-02-04 20:49aalper69.112.186.229Temple B'nai Israel - Panama City, FLhttps://bnaiisraelpc.org/World Wide Wrap 2019MikeStarkmanmikestarkman@fjmc.orgMikeStarkmanmikestarkman@fjmc.org5

Mike Starkman is a former president of MAR.  Although our congregation isn’t a member or MRJ or FJMC, we participated in the World Wide Wrap. We have 5 students in our religious school and they all laid Tephillen . Temple B’nai Israel, Panama City, Florida

20092019-02-04 19:31pshraga371.178.43.220Beth Emeth Men's Club - Herndon, VA (1144)World Wide Wrap 2019PaulShragapshraga3@verizon.net5025
20082019-02-04 19:29BarryW74.215.76.225Northern Hills Synagogue Men's Club - Cincinnati, OH (304)www.nhs-cba.orgWorld Wide Wrap 2019BarryWolfsonbwolfson@fuse.netVicAmstermensclub@nhs-cba.org400

Working with Religious school preparing students to lead Sunday morning service and answer questions about the service as they are leading. Pair men and women who wear tefillin on a regular bases with students as coaches. Put on tallit and tefillin together at the begining of the service with explanations and instrucgtion for our Rabbi. Following service we provide a nice breakfast to all attendees. While eating, we invite those attending to tell personal stories about wearing tefillin. Additionally, a discount is provided by our Rabbi to anyone attending the event in the purchase of a new set of tefillin through the fjmc.

20072019-02-03 12:00Azdakal75.87.186.138Congregation Beth Shalom - Overland Park KSWorld Wide Wrap 2019Davidkalmeyerdavidkalmeyer@gmail.comChuckGassercharles@g3kc.com409
20062019-02-03 07:51sneustein74.98.200.200Beth Shalom Men's Club - Pittsburgh, PA (1208)World Wide Wrap 2019AlexKidermanalexanderkiderman@yahoo.comIraFranknatfabira@juno.com100

We introduce the program through our Religious School. On the day of the WWW we have a learning minyan with our entire School and their parents with the congregation. The class will learn about tiffilin and use the build-a-pair..  TheWrap will be participated togteher with a reform Rodef Shalom,a  reform temple and Tree of Life, whode synagogue is unavailable.

20052019-02-02 23:32irwinharris74.111.100.89Tree of Life Or L'Simcha Men's Club - Pittsburgh, PA (1210)World Wide Wrap 2019Irwin Harrisirwin.harris.tristate@gmail.comDavidLilien1710
20042019-02-02 22:37hjcmcprez69.118.57.102Huntington Jewish Center Men's Club - Huntington, NY (886)World Wide Wrap 2019PresidentOferRindrindofer@gmail.com18

Service, Lesson and Pancake Breakfast

20032019-02-02 22:28jwechsler21174.238.12.182Beth Sholom of The East Valley Men's Club - Chandler, AZ (1085)World Wide Wrap 2019JoeWechslerj_devil@yahoo.comJoeJoeWechslerj_devil@yahoo.com3020

9am Instructions for the B'nei Mitzvot and other people interested. Followed by Shacharit and bagel breakfast.

20022019-02-02 21:13sr.mantel@gmail.com73.215.72.222Neve Shalom Men's Club - Metuchen, NJ (962)World Wide Wrap 2019ChairmanBruceLevinebruce.levin@usa.netPresidentLonDobbsthedigitalauthor@aol.com10040
20012019-02-02 18:40Anonymous (not verified) Beth Sholom Men's Club - Melbourne, FL (1350)World Wide Wrap 2019Dr.EricPerlmaneperlman1@cfl.rr.comDr.EricPerlmaneperlman1@cfl.rr.com4525
20002019-02-02 18:34nessim.albagli184.180.220.66B'nai Israel Men's Club - Tustin, CA (1022)World Wide Wrap 2019presidentkevinjuddkjud152@yahoo.compresidentkevinjuddkjudd152@yahoo.com6030
19992019-02-02 16:01Anonymous (not verified) El Men's Club - Norfolk, VA (1120)World Wide Wrap 2019EranLivnieranlivni@yahoo.comHowardHorwitzhhorwitzintune@gmail.com7510100
19982019-02-02 10:18Anonymous (not verified) Israel Men's Club - Norfolk, VA (1121)World Wide Wrap 2019JamesGordonjgordon@militaryjewelry.com6
19972019-02-01 18:18wayne4bnai73.133.50.50B'nai Israel Men's Club - Rockville, MD (1103)www.bnaiisraelcong.org/mensclubWorld Wide Wrap 2019ChairRichardSaltzmanzachaj@comcast.netPresidentWayneBermanwayneb4me@aol.com12575100
We invite you to Join the B'nai Israel Men's Club and Sisterhood on Sunday, February 3rd at 9:00 am
to celebrate the World Wide Wrap,
an initiative of FJMC which encourages both men and women
to engage in the mitzvah of tefillin.
Our service will include
kavanot (moments of intentionality),
singing, and
learning, led by Rabbi Berkowitz
Please note that assistance will be provided for anyone needing help with putting on tefillin.


19962019-02-01 17:47Gary Michelson32.210.190.135Or Shalom Mens Club - Orange, CT (226)World Wide Wrap 2019GaryMichelsongmichelson@gardenandgun.comGaryMichelsongmichelson@gardenandgun.com6525
19952019-02-01 17:42Gregg Taffet173.63.78.113Congregation Torat-El Men's Club - Oakhurst, NJ (902)TEMPLE WEBSITE https://torat-el.org/World Wide Wrap 2019MrNorm Ginsburgelberonrom@optonline.netMRGreggTaffetBoatman141@verizon.net1814

We will have a discussion on Teffilin, have our mornign service, followed by a deluxe breakfast

19942019-02-01 17:13David Simon108.185.239.167Beth Shalom Mens' Club - Santa Clarita, CA (1054)World Wide Wrap 2019Mr.NathanTovegnathan.toveg@cbs-scv.orgMr.DavidSimondavid.simon@cbs-scv.org32120

Viewing of Ties That Bind, followed by small wrapping workshops.  Will also present components of Women's League recent WWW offerings.

Program will be led by our incoming Rabbi Jay Siegel.

19932019-02-01 17:04sdtasch100.12.220.34Temple Gates of Prayer Men's Club - Flushing, NY (837)templegates.orgWorld Wide Wrap 2019PresidentStevenTaschsdtasch@gmail.comPresidentStevenTaschsdtasch@gmail.com30

Rabbi Biller, Hazzan Bear and Cantor Barr will help with putting on and teaching about tefillin.

__Minyan starts at 8:30 AM - followed by Men's Club sponsored breakfast.

19922019-02-01 16:19adam.w.weissman192.91.173.34Beth El Men's Club - Voorhees, NJ (566)World Wide Wrap 2019AdamWeissmanadam.w.weissman@gmail.com100
19912019-02-01 15:39Anonymous (not verified) El Men's Club - Stamford, CT (251)World Wide Wrap 2019MatthewMillermattmiller585@gmail.com15
19902019-02-01 15:13rudoffmm108.2.77.228Ohev Shalom Men's Club - Richboro, PA (564)World Wide Wrap 2019RonWolfrwolf1951@aol.comMartyRudoffrudoffmm@yahoo.com4825

We invite our 7th & 8th graders to join us and we teach them how to lay Tefilin, followed by a quick breakfast.  I think the come for the Bagels.

19892019-02-01 14:06Anonymous (not verified)'nai Amoona Men's Club - St. Louis, MO (631)MBGLAS@sbcglobal.netWorld Wide Wrap 2019PresidentMarkGerstenMBGLAS@sbcglobal.netMarkGerstenMBGLAS@sbcglobal.net120150
19872019-02-01 13:08Anonymous (not verified) Ami Brotherhood - Tampa, FL (1357)World Wide Wrap 2019Mr.HowardBarrhbaer36@gmail.comDr.BarryDvorchikbdvorchik@gmaill.com4610
19862019-02-01 12:49Anonymous (not verified) Israel Brotherhood - Owings Mills, MD (1111)World Wide Wrap 2019AndrewStoluskybethisraelbrotherhood@yahoo.comAndrewStolusky25
19852019-02-01 11:14Anonymous (not verified) of Israel Men's Club - Newtown, PA (504)World Wide Wrap 2019MichaelDubrowMDubrow344@aol.comRalphFloydrgfsfc53@gmail.com4510
19842019-02-01 10:27Anonymous (not verified) Abayudaya Men's Club - Nabugoye, Uganda (2102)facebook:Abayudayamen'sclubRegion.comWorld Wide Wrap 2019aaron moseskintuhadassahkintu@gmail.comPresidentAllanzilabaallanzilaba@gmail.com2510
19832019-02-01 09:15Russ Bernstein24.61.104.98Ahavas Achim Men's Club - Newburyport MA (750)World Wide Wrap 2019RussBernsteinruss@necuttingdie.comRussBernsteinruss@necuttingdie.com211020
19822019-02-01 08:42Anonymous (not verified) Hills Jewish Center Men's Club - Dix Hills, NY (898)World Wide Wrap 2019AllanMintzallan.mintz@gmail.com50
19812019-02-01 08:41cmandell68.0.197.72Beth Sholom B'nai Israel Brotherhood - Manchester, CT (205)World Wide Wrap 2019Dr. CarlMandellcarlmandell88@gmail.comDr.CarlMandellcarlmandell88@gmail.com4550
19802019-02-01 08:23Anonymous (not verified) Amuno Brotherhood - Baltimore, MD (1106)www.chizukamuno.orgWorld Wide Wrap 2019DrGaryBragergarybrager@yahoo.comMrRichardUdellpvfc3251@verizon.net13060
19792019-02-01 07:57koconnell76.119.42.17Emanuel Synagogue Brotherhood - West Hartford, CT (230)World Wide Wrap 2019ChairDavidBomzertdbomzer@gmail.comPresidentKevinO'Connellkoconnell@ctappraisalworks.com100
19782019-02-01 03:16mstofenmacher95.121.121.224Comunidad Masorti Bet-El - Madrid, Spain (1912)World Wide Wrap 2019Mariostofenmachermario@bet-el.org25
19772019-02-01 00:37LarryBuff76.231.196.29Temple Beth Emet Mens' Club - Anaheim, CA (1002)www.tbe-oc.orgWorld Wide Wrap 2019AlanMeyersalan.papa71@gmail.comMartinSolwaymaeshar92708@gmail.com25
19762019-02-01 00:14Don73.126.142.26Emanuel Synagogue Brotherhood - West Hartford, CT (230)World Wide Wrap 2019CO-CHAIRDAVIDkoconnell@BOMZERTDBOMZER@GMAIL.COMPRESIDENTKEVINO'CONNELLkoconnell@ctappraisalworks.com13750
19752019-01-31 23:47normkatz72.220.203.209Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men's Club - San Diego, CA (1053)https://tiferethisrael.com/community/mensclub/World Wide Wrap 2019PresidentNormanKatznormkatz1@gmail.comPresidentNormanKatznormkatz1@gmail.com251050

We have a multipart program that includes the following agenda:

9:00 AM - Introduction to the history and ritual of Tefillin by Rabbi Joshua Dorsch

9:30 AM - Teaching 6th and 7th graders and adult guests how to wrap tefillin

10:00 AM - Hearing Men's Voices - discussion for veteran wrappers and newbies including what brought you to regular wrapping, what's stopping you from becoming a wrapper, how wrapping helps you and the community.

10:45 AM - Bagels, Lox & Cream Cheese (what else?)


19742019-01-31 23:33hbaer3665.35.158.29Kol Ami Brotherhood - Tampa, FL (1357)World Wide Wrap 2019HowardBaerhbaer36@gmail.comBarryDvorchikbdvorchik@gmail.com20
19732019-01-31 22:53Anonymous (not verified) Ramat Zion Men's Club - Northridge, CA (1020)World Wide Wrap 2019MrAlbertoHananelahananel326@gmail.comMr.AlbertoHananelahananel326@gmail.com2530
19722019-01-31 22:41JohnnyP74.98.166.130Rodef Sholom Men's Club - Hampton, VA (1119)Rodefsholomtemple.orgWorld Wide Wrap 2019JohnnyParkeeJohnny@stratus-realty.comMr.JohnnyParkerjohnny@stratus-realty.com70500

We are doing our joint program with our Sunday School kids and their families. We will do morning minyan followed by the WWW. The club members will go out to have brunch at a local restaurant after the service. The Sunday school kids has challenged the men’s club to a “wrap” competition. We will take them on!

19712019-01-31 22:28BSMC-EP68.81.60.209Beth Sholom Men's Club - Elkins Park, PA (532)https://www.bethsholomcongregation.org/mens-clubWorld Wide Wrap 2019PresidentEdMoseskaredlon@aol.comPresidentStevenPilchikshpilchik61@gmail.com162120


19702019-01-31 22:23JMCV-SJW172.116.58.210Jewish Men's Club of The Valleys - Murrieta , CA (1066)World Wide Wrap 2019STUARTWALDstuart.wald@gmail.comPresidentStuMullerstumuller123@aol.com40

We hold a presentation and discussion with Hebrew School children (and any others present), and work with them to try on tefillin and learn about how they are made and what they mean.

19692019-01-31 22:13goodmanRB107.10.236.180Park Synagogue Men's Club - Cleveland, OH (335)www.parkmensclub.orgWorld Wide Wrap 2019VP RichardPricerichprice98@yahoo.comPresidentRossGoodmanParkmcpresident@gmail.com75150

Wrapping during Minyan followed by breakfast with a lecture on the meaning of wrapping by Rabbi Skoff.

19682019-01-31 22:13jmberk100.34.70.142Ohev Shalom Men's Club - Richboro, PA (564)World Wide Wrap 2019RonWolfrwolf1951@aol.comMartyRudoffrudoffmm@yahoo.com5040100

Wrap with the Sisterhood and older grades in the scchool

19672019-01-31 21:51faganpromo107.77.202.52Temple Sinai Men's Club - Dresher, PA (551)www.tsinai.comWorld Wide Wrap 2019Mr. JeffreyWorkmantsmctreasurer@gmail.comDr.Robert Rosenthal rjrpsych@gmail.com30

Our religious school students will join adult participants in the sanctuary foyer to learn how to put on tallit and tefillin. The Men's Clubs sets up and mans four interactive stations - one for each blessing - so anyone who needs it can get help. Our Rabbi does a brief teaching session then everyone goes into the sanctuary for a Shacharit learners' service led by our Rabbi and Cantor.

19662019-01-31 21:33TBAMC100.35.70.86Temple Beth Ahm Men's Club - Aberdeen, NJ (923)World Wide Wrap 2019RobGoldfarbsecretary@templebethahm.orgHowardSchornsteinHGS715@optimum.net30
19652019-01-31 20:51john.chansky146.115.57.28Temple Beth Sholom Brotherhood - Framingham, MA (722)https://www.beth-sholom.org/get-involved/brotherhood/World Wide Wrap 2019JohnChanskyjohn.chansky@gmail.comJohnChanskybrotherhood@beth-sholom.org3050