2012 Tikun Olam Committee Report



For our year’s first activity, on February the 18th, the committee donated a whole set of instruments and materials to the Institute “State of Irael” located in Jerusalén, La Paz, for their science lab. The graduation of the institute took place that same day, where we were invited to be part of the table of honor.

On Yom HaShoah, we once again received the support of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs and its Yellow Candle program. Our kids had the honor of lighting these candles in one of the most important dates of our calendar.

In the month of April, the committee also donated two barrels of powder milk to the community in Ataco. This donation was made possible thanks to the milk drive our community organized during Purim and Pesach.

At the end of May, the committee coordinated the donation of 700 plastic food trays for the school “State of Israel” located in Nahuizalco, Sonsonate.

Thanks to the donations of our community through the FJMC’s Yellow Candle program, the committee had enough funds to buy a whole set of new musical instruments for the marching band of the institute located in Jerusalén, La Paz. This is a huge contribution to the development of this little town, helping youth to focus its strenght and talent in music instead of straying to gangs and other illicit behaviour. This gift was given in the month of June.

During the Yamim Noraim, our community organized another milk drive. The total was donated to the rural community of El Rosario, located in the department of Santa Ana, helping 25 families.

In the month of October, the committee donated an acoustic guitar to the kindergarten “State of Israel” located in San Salvador, in order to help its students in their musical development.

Throughout the month of November, the committee helped the institute located in Nahuizalco, Sonsonate, fund the repair of its electrical system and the instalation of razor wire around its premises. These projects were made possible thanks to the sale of the community yearly calendar during the months of September and October.

To close the year on a high note, and thanks to an extraordinary donation, the committee coordinated the purchase of materials for the equipment of the new bachelor’s degree in automotive mechanics in the institute located in Jerusalén, La Paz. This new bachelor’s degree gives another academic option to the students of this town.

The Tikun Olam Committe would like to thank everyone who was involved in helping us realize this year’s projects. We hope to have your support this next year to fulfill this most important mitzvah.