Pandemic and Distributing Yellow Candles by Mail

NOTE: For Covid-19, this procedure was developed by Dan Zwelling, Club President and Michael Herzberg, Publicity Secretary of the Temple Israel of Natick Men's Club. Suggested dates have been adapted for 2021. 


Hello Friends,

Due to the effective closing of the Temple to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we are changing our plans for Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle packing. We have devised a plan to pack and distribute the candles while maintaining social distance, and we need your help.  

The plan is to divide up the candle materials among 10 - 12 volunteers, who would pack the candles in their home, and then return the completed candle boxes to the Temple. Here are the steps:

1.  On Sunday 2/21/2021, kits of candle materials (candle, flyers, boxes, and labels) will be ready for pickup at the Temple between 12 noon and 2 pm. If we get 10 volunteers, then each will need to assemble 30 candles. The kits will be in the lobby labeled with individual names.

2.  We are asking the volunteers to pack the candles that Sunday or Monday, and then set the bag of completed boxed candles aside for 6 days until the following Sunday.  Return the assembled candle boxes in the provided plastic bag, and leave it by the front door of the Temple because the building is closed. 

3.  On Sunday 2/28/2021, return the completed candle boxes to the Temple. We will set them aside for another week to ensure there is no possible remaining virus.

4.  On Monday 3/8/2021, the boxed candles will be delivered to the Post Office for mailing to the Congregation. We are no longer asking for anyone to do neighborhood delivery.

Please respond to if you can volunteer to help us with this project, and provide our congregants with a meaningful Yom HaShoah activity while doing our part as a community to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve

Thanks, and be well!



Generic Mailing Instructions: 

This method gives the organization an opportunity to increase member participation.  Order candles and mailing boxes. Include the following items in each box with a candle:
1. Letter from the organization
2. Meditation
3. Poem
4. Self-Addressed Return Envelope (to receive donations)

Steps for Preparing the Boxes for Mailing
1. Set a date and time for packing the candles.
2. Work out the mailing details with the synagogue or organization.  See USPS Bulk Mail Information here
3. Set up the packing team.
4. Prepare for packing.
5. Deliver to post office with enough advance time before Yom HaShoah.