Posting Photos of Your Wrap


Although in year's past, we've used FLICKR, the photo sharing service, to simplify the process of posting your photos (and free our web elves for other work), this year we're going to use Facebook, the Social Media site, in which to post photos.

The FJMC has a Facebook page, and its ID is FJMC HQ.  If you've 'Liked' it, then your posts made on that page will appear on your Facebook page.  If you haven't 'Liked' the FJMC page, click here.  There is also World Wide Wrap page (click here.)  It will give you the opportunity to become a 'Friend' of the page (which we strongly recommend), and Write a Post and Share a Photo or two (or more).  That way, the photos of your WWWrap will get distributed to your Facebook friends around the world.

If you don't have a Facebook acccount (and its free, easy, and even grandparents are signing up as its a great way to communicate with their grandchildren), if you have a Flickr account, you can post it to that site.

To Post to Flickr:

It's easy to do this, but you will have to follow a few steps to start. If you already have a FLICKR account, skip to #2

  1. Go to and create an account. Remember your ID, you'll need need it in step 2. If you have a FaceBook or GMAIL account, you can use it to start the account. (If you have a FaceBook account, have you friended FJMC HQ yet?)
  2. Go to the Wrap Reporting page, and in your Wrap Report, include your FLICKR ID when asked. This will link your photos, but only the ones you tag WRAP2020. Make the photos public.  The ones of your dog are safe from our prying eyes.
  3. When you upload photos or video on the "Your Photostream" page, be sure to tag them with the WRAP2020 code. (must be all caps and no spaces)
  4. Check out your report! The photos are all there, and if anyone wants prints or larger size, they are now available.  Clicking on the small image of the photo will make the photo larger.
  5. Any questions, e-mail the FJMC webmaster,

Why aren't my photos appearing?

If your account is new, first you need to upload at least 5 public photos. After that minimum has been reached, then it shouldn't take more than a few days until your photos appear in searches, groups, etc. To make sure your photos show in searches, remember to add accurate tags and descriptions.

If your account is not new and some of your images are not showing, here are a few things you can check,

  • What is the safety setting? Items marked as moderate or restricted will not show in badges, RSS feeds, for people that have safe search on, or are not logged in.
  • Is your account hidden from search?
  • If only some photos aren't showing, make sure they are not flagged to be hidden from searches.

When posting photos on with your own social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.,

Please use these hashtags:

#worldwidewrap         #worldwidewrap20        #fjmc_hq