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2023 FJMC International Convention

Welcome to Registration for the

2023 FJMC Biennial International Convention


Please read the following registration details carefully before proceeding.

What's New with Registration?

This year, we're trying something a little different.  All of your options for arrival date, stay duration, room upgrades, extra room nights, and combinations with spouse/partner and children, regional subsidy credits, and installment credits will be selected below on this form and used to determine your total fees for convention.  

Your convention fees include the room you selected and the meals you'll be receiving.  If arriving on Thursday, you get 8 meals from Thu dinner to Sunday breakfast.  If you arrive on Friday (Shabbat Weekend) you get 5 meals from Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.

The fields below will let you specify "member + partner" and enter your partner's name.  You can also select Member, Partner, and up to 2 children.  If you wish to register and pay for your partner separately, that registration MUST use a different email than the one you're using here.  CiviEvent will not let you use the same email for 2 separate registrations.

Shortly, you will receive an email from FJMC with a link to purchase additional options on Whova, the highly successful mobile and web app we used for our 2021 Virtual Convention. You might still have the Whova app installed on your phone if you attended in 2021.  When you click the link to Whova on your phone email app, it may or may not open Whova.  If it opens a browser like Safari or Chrome, that's OK.   The official Whova "event" for 2023 Convention will not be enabled until sometime in March.    But you can buy tickets for most of the planned tours and paid activities as well as "add" room nights if you registered for full convention but now decide that you want to come in a day or two early or stay later.

With Whova, you'll be able to access the 2023 convention – schedule, speakers, who's attending, upload your profile photo, connect with friends and arrange meetups, post messages, photos and short videos, collaborate, manage your agenda, and sign up for pre and post-convention activities.

How do I pay?

This year, we encourage you to use our new payment option – "Send Money with Zelle" – for your basic registration.  You may also send in a check or use a credit card (with a $25 transaction fee).  Payment in full is expected if possible.  We understand if you need to break up your payments but please send 1/2 of your balance in 2 payments by March 1st.

With no transaction fees, Zelle reduces convention expenses by thousands of dollars so this money can be applied to enhancing this convention and supporting future FJMC programs.  Zelle is available at most US bank web portals or mobile apps.  Instructions shown below explain how to set up FJMC as a recipient and make your Zelle payment. 

At this time, "Send Money with Zelle" can only be initiated through your bank's web portal or mobile app.  Once you've submitted this registration form, you should open a new tab and log into your bank's portal.  If you don't use online banking, you can still select "Credit Card" in the Payment Method options below. 

Instructions for using Zelle. 

1. Open your bank's mobile app or, if you're not using one, open a new tab here and log into your bank's web portal.

2. Select Zelle or "Send Money with Zelle."

3. On the first Zelle Form, click Add a New Recipient, select "By Email."
  For recipient's first name, enter "FJMC" and leave last name empty. 

  For email enter:

  Zelle may display the following info and request for you to confirm that this is FJMC's account:

You're sending money to FEDERATION OF JEWISH MEN'S CLUBS, INC.
If this is correct, check the box to confirm, then tap Continue.

4. In rare cases, some banks may have a daily or weekly limit but most are at least $3000. 
You should see this limit displayed when you fill out your payment amount on the Zelle form. If your convention fees total exceeds your bank's daily limit, please make 2 separate payments on consecutive weeks.

If you pay by credit card, you will see a $25 Credit Card Processing Fee to partially cover FJMC's transaction fees. 
If you're paying by Zelle, select "Paying with Zelle" for $0 fee. 
If you're paying by check, select "Paying by Check" for $0 fee and mail your check to: MItch Daks, 10637 RATHBURN AVE, PORTER RANCH, CA 91326.

Ansh-eh Zafon (Canada) Members:  Your region may have made other arrangements for you to pay.  Please check with your club or regional officers for details.

Travel Insurance (IMPORTANT)

WE STRONGLY SUGGEST that everyone purchase 'no cause' travel insurance, which would allow you to submit a claim for reimbursement of your registration fees in the event that (due to Covid or other issue) your are disinclined to travel.  The FJMC is unlike an airline, where you can cancel up to 'almost the last minute' and get refunded.  The FJMC Convention has a legal contract with a caterer and the hotel.  Once we provide the number of attendees, they both lock in our numbers and our liability for the totals we provided.

Here are some links to travel insurance:

Covid-19 Policy

By registering for this event, I acknowledge that I may be asked to present documentation of vaccinations, boosters, and/or a negative Covid test prior to arrival. I may also be asked to complete a form presented to me when I arrive at the hotel, attesting to my symptom-free status.  Further details and required timing of testing, if required, will be made available at a later date. I agree to abide by all Covid protocols that may be instituted at a later date.

Let's Get Started

If you're not "logged in" and you have an FJMC account, please click log in to open a new browser tab or window. This will allow your personal information to be pre-loaded in the registration form and connect your registration to your FJMC account.  Next, return to this tab and refresh your screen to show your data preloaded in the form below. 

If you're not sure if you have an login, that's OK.  Just keep going on the form below and an account will be created when you complete the registration.

Convention 2023 Profile
Enter Spouse, Partner, and, if attending, minor children attending with you.
A cell phone number is required.

Provide any dietary restrictions including: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and food allergies. We are unable to accomodate all requests because our contract is bound by the policies of the caterer.

Let us know if you need a handicap accessible room, a walk-in shower or other special needs. While FJMC cannot guarantee availability, we will do our best to accomodate your request.
Who would you like to room with?

Please select your region. If you're not sure which region you're in, check the last and map on this page.
Start typing your club name and it should find it for you.
Event Fee(s)
There are 7 different items from which you may need to select an option. Please check all dropdowns and read the instructions provided. If your region has provided us with subsidies, they will be listed in "Regional Subsidies" and the amount you select will be subtracted from your total. If you paid into the Installment Program, your name will be listed with the amount you committed for the term of your payments. Select this to apply that amount as a credit to your total.

Select a Full Convention option if you are attending Convention Thursday through Sunday. You can add additional days before or after convention with other options below. Note that past conventions were Wed-Sun, but this year, we reduced the duration of "Full Convention" to Thu-Sun.

Select a Shabbat Weekend option if you are attending Convention Friday through Sunday. You can add additional days after convention with other options below.

If attending with Partner, please select "Member + Partner" for additional nights.

Select the subsidy below that most closely matches your status in your region.

Only full convention attendees are eligible for the subsidies listed here. This is a long-standing FJMC rule. All registrations are audited for this selection. Do not select a subsidy unless you are coming to Full Convention from Thursday - Sunday. Contact your region or club for a subsidy for Shabbat Weekend, if you don't see a subsidy, or you have any questions, before submitting this form.

If you joined the pre-registration installment program, the promo code you received
via email should be listed on one of the following options. Do not select an option if you
did not participate in the installment program. The amount shown is based on your
payments through April 2023 unless you have made other arrangements.

The IKC has raised over $100K to provide the FJMC with a fund to give tefillin and mezuzot to communities around the world that are struggling to maintain their Jewish identity and a Jewish presence in their cities. IKC donors will receive a gift bag at Convention containing a glass for your scotch tasting experience.  Learn more about IKC

Select "Pay by Check" if your Total Fees below is $500 or less.

By submitting this form, you agree to keep your recurring payments active until the number of months you selected are fully paid. If you cancel your recurring payments before the end of your term, you will be invoiced for the additional amount owed. Payment-in-full for Convention is due May 1, 2023. If you have not paid in full by that date, your registration may be cancelled. You must cancel your registration by February 1, 2023 to avoid charges. Cancellation after this date is subject to fees based on hotel and catering charges as well as refund transaction costs.
If you were emailed a promo code, enter it below.
There is only one valid promo code to waive the registration fee. Enter it on the honor system if you were given it. The code expires on February 28th at Midnight PST. Earlybird registration was available through Jan 31st.
$ 0.00
Just a few more sections and you're on your way. Don't forget to send the total amount to FJMC using Zelle from your bank's app or website if you selected that option.
Total Fee(s)
Credit Card
Billing Name and Address
Your Current Roles in FJMC
Ritual Fields
If you'd like to participate in services, birkat or are saying Kaddish for a loved one, please select the respective options below. Someone on the Ritual Committee will be in touch with you to get more details.
Don't worry! No experience required. Just the willingness to do a great job.