Best Overall Activities

2007 Best Overall Activities

Actual discussion overhead between two men, longtime synagogue
members, at one of our new events last year:
“I never saw you at a Men’s Club event before”.
“I never had a reason to come before”
Our club works to take the best of FJMC and our own existing club
programs along with some new ones to present programs of interest to all.
Our events include religions, athletic, educational, synagogue support,
community service, FJMC regional, and just plain fun activities.
While some events have a natural tendency to appeal to certain age groups,

2007 Best Overall Activities (pw = fjmc)

Our report on events for overall activities over the past two years is attached.

It has been our purpose to provide a variety of activities appealing to the wide variety of ages and interests in our chapter.

Our objectives:

- To support PAS programs and goals

- Promote fellowship amongst our members and encourage new members to participate

- Raise Tzedakah for worthy causes

- Interact and cooperate with other synagogue groups

- Create a variety of programs – religious, social and educational

2007 Best Overall Activities

Twelve years ago, the Men’s Club at Har Zion was defunct – non-functioning for 6 years.  A small group of men were asked by the Rabbi to rebuild a club into the power house that it had been in year’s past.  At first, fledgling at best, the group began to rebuild the club through strengthening the brotherhood between the members and developing programs that brought recognition and appreciation from the congregation.  At first, there was a question as to whether the club should belong to the FJMC, but the “Yeas” always outvoted the “Nays”.  As the years passed, this club went “from strength t

2007 Best Overall Activities

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, at its International Meeting, held at the world famous Indian Lakes Resort in Chicago on June 5th to 9th , recognized the dynamic Men’s Club of Valley Beth Shalom of Encino by awarding to it the prestigious and highly sought after Torch Award for excellence in Overall Programming. The award was given in recognition of their unique balance of programs for all members of their congregation.

2007 Best Overall Activities

Har Zion Men’s Club (HZMC) provides a full range of activities throughout the year which it feels qualifies it as a candidate for “Best Overall Activities”.  From the beginning of our fiscal year, planning begins when all board members, which currently totals 15 men, are assigned responsibility for one of the many events put on by Har Zion Men’s Club during the year.  Events throughout the year include High Holy Days Ushering and Floor Managing, a Sukkah build (One of the largest Sukkahs in the US), annual golf tournament (actually two tournaments in the 2006 Calendar Year), Men’s softball,

2007 Lounge & Learn Program-Introduction to Jewish Ritual Practices (pw=fjmc)

The Lounge and Learn Program at Temple Etz Chaim in Thousand Oaks, CA provides adult education to parents (and others) while their children attend religious school on Sunday mornings.  The programs are held on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sunday of each month and are open to all congregants.  Men’s Club conducts the session on the 1st Sunday, when the title for the program is “Introduction to Jewish Ritual Practices.”  This application focuses specifically on the sess