Club Administration

2007 Motivating Membership

We established a coffee corner in our synagogue’s newly decorated lobby lounge by installing a single-serve, gourmet coffeemaker. The coffee corner encourages socializing and spotlights Men’s Club as a “welcoming” organization for our congregation’s younger men.  We inaugurated tt on the first Sunday of religious school in September to kick-off our membership drive.

2007 Membership Recruiting Brochure (pw=fjmc)

How do we cut through clutter of e-mail and junk mail to get temple members
to join Men’s Club?
After little response to earlier mailings, e-mails, reminders and newsletter
announcements, is there a simple way to get their attention and have them
We developed a few low-cost, effective recruiting materials:
1) “Tri-fold” promotional brochure
2) Developed a follow-up reminder letter to join Men’s Club

2007 Using MS Sharepoint to Manage Your Club Efficiently (password - fjmc)

One of the biggest problems with leading a club or running an event is continuity.  Somehow everything that is created for an event seems to disappear over the years from hard drives and paper files and often a new chair person has to start from scratch.  MS Sharepoint provides the capability to post items to specialized password protected Sharepoint sites.  It provides features such as task lists, discussion groups, event lists and surveys.