2007 Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes has enhanced our image within our congregation as both a major fundraiser and as an anticipated
social event. It enables us to achieve our goal as our major fundraiser. It affords us the ability to make a
substantial donation to our synagogue and provide funding for other club programming. It is a highly visible
program that reminds the entire congregation of our Men’s Club’s value to the congregation and is an excellent
intro to prospective members and leaders. It also brings in money from non-members who annually buy tickets.

2007 Fundraising

I have a small club and we haven't had luck with programs where people show up. We do fund raising for certain causes in the US, I send a letter to the cong. requesting $ so that we can purchase items that the local hospitals can give to the children for Hanukkah. This is beside providing for our own children in our school.

2007 Fall Fling Fundraiser

When Temple Israel lost access to borrowed playground equipment the Men's
Club committed to help our Sunday school purchase new equipment as an
investment in our children. The cost was $7,500 with no budget and no
traditional big donors to tap. Color plans for a new Temple Israel
Children’s Garden were drawn up and displayed in the atrium to help an
initial appeal bring in pledges for $3,500.