Holocaust Remembrance/Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle

2003 Memorial Garden

This program used stones salvaged from the Warsaw Ghetto as a basis to build a Memorial Garden on synagogue grounds as a reminder of the Holocaust. Funds received provide an on-going educational program for students and visitors.

2001 Candle Twinning Project

The South Jersey Men’s Club held a Candle Twinning Program, in which it distributes white yahrzeit candles with yellow Holocaust Memorial Candles. Persons are encouraged to light a yellow candle in memory of those killed on the same date as the passing of a loved one. By permission of the author, each bimonthly edition features an event from the years 1938-194 from the book Every Day, Remembrance Day by famed Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal.

2001 Memorial Garden

By using the funds generated through the FJMC’s Yellow Candle program, the Men’s Club of Congregation Beth Judea was able to successfully design, fund, and build a permanent outdoor memorial garden that will serve to remind generations of those killed in the Holocaust.

1999 Holocaust Memorial

Candle donations were used to erect a Holocaust memorial in the synagogue lobby. The wall-sized sculpture is constructed from sand-blasted glass with a ray of light emanating from its dark interior. More than 300 people attended a moving unveiling ceremony, which included solemn readins of victims’ names.

1999 Holocaust Education

This two-part program taught adults and youth about the Holocaust as well as about the tragic conditions of survivors following the war. The program involved the showing of the Oscar-winning film, “The Long Way Home,” followed a month later by a brunch with a Survivor from the film as the guest speaker. The film was also shown to the Confirmation class.