Holocaust Remembrance/Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle

1997 Publication of Memoirs

The Agudas Achim Men’s Club program focused on the publication of memoirs of their Holocaust survivors, their children, and others who have been affected, and the telling of the stories to the Hebrew School students. The memoirs and photographs were included in a 136-page book that was given to students in the School, sold to congregants, and donated to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and libraries. The authors took part in a Hebrew School question-and-answer program that included lighting the Yellow Candle.

1997 Memorial Breakfast

The Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood presented a Memorial Breakfast, concluding with responsive readings, remarks by the mayor, lighting of Yad Vashem Menorah candles by survivors and Yellow Candles by all others who wished, a special recitation by the cantor, and a musical portion featuring children from the Hebrew School. A survivor of Auschwitz related his story. The Brotherhood assembled an educational program booklet for distribution to the Hebrew School.

1997 Youth Mission to Washington, DC

The Temple Israel Men’s Club distributed more than 650 Yellow Candles to congregants and raised more than $3200 to help fund their first annual Youth Mission to Washington, DC. The pre-B’nai Mitzvah class and their parents processed the candles for mailing, created posters, and participated in the community Holocaust Memorial Service. Over Memorial Day weekend, 26 students and 20 parents traveled to Washington and toured the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and other sites.

1995 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Camps

The Valley Beth Shalom Men’s Club ran a Friday night service in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the camps by the Allies. It featured a candle for each of six categories – those who perished, survivors, resisters, liberators, and our future (represented by grandchildren of survivors). Each candle had a speaker – mostly eye witnesses. The talks were linked with the Sabbath prayers by commentaries and songs.  The service attracted about 600 people, which was triple the usual attendance.

1995 Further-Reaching Education Vehicle for the Congregation

The Beth Shalom Men’s Club expanded it Yellow Candle program into a further-reaching education vehicle for the congregation and the community. It was augmented by tying Yom Hashoah with Men’s Club Shabbat, by bringing in a speaker on pre-Holocaust German psychology, and by working with our Holocaust Committee and library to create a week-long program. The program and exhibits were successful attractions, and the Club raised a substantial amount of money for the Temple Holocaust Memorial.

1993 Holocaust Torah

More than 1,000 persons attended the Sinai Temple Men’s Club’s Holocaust Remembrance/Yom Hashoah program this year. The focus was the gift of a Holocaust Torah that was saved by a Men’s Club member who had escaped from a Nazi concentration camp. The entry describes the program itself and related activities.

1993 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

This year’s Brotherhood Shabbat was unique inasmuch as it was held in conjunction with Yom Hashoah The Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood utilized the service to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The guest speaker discussed the Warsaw Ghetto and the special significance of Polish antisemitism.  Along the bimah were 50 lit FJMC Yellow Candles. A special program book which contained background information and special prayers was distributed to attendees.

1993 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Men’s Club of Nevey Shalom used the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as the focus of it program. The entry describes how the Club conducted a year-long fund raising campaign involving the Yellow Candle Program, provided a tour of the Museum, and climaxed the campaign with a Men’s Club Shabbat dinner and service devoted to the Museum. All proceeds – nearly $7,000 – were contributed to the Museum.