Holocaust Remembrance/Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle

2007 Holocaust Remembrance (Six Programs)

The single most galvanizing event of modern Judaism is the Holocaust and subsequent establishment of Israel. As a result, Remembrance programs are central to NSS Beth El Men’s Club calendar of events. The last two years have brought some of the most meaningful and heartfelt programs we’ve ever done. The key to it all is the Yom HaShoah Candle Program. The money we raise from that program

2007 Yom HaShoah Candles: From [impersonal] Mailing, To [rewarding] Hand Delivery

The Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle Program (YCP) had always been a one-man operation: the FJMC mailed the candles to synagogue members, and the club broke even from donations. The decision to HAND DELIVER the candles introduced a fair amount of WORK and RISK, but it PAID OFF handsomely in a number of ways:

Additional documents provided by Temple Israel:

2009 Revamped Yellow Candle Program Successful at Congregation Beth Emeth

CBE Men's Club teamed up with the Religious School to implement a program that closely follows the FJMC Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle™ Program. CBE Men’s Club has taken the additional step of working with the religious school to institutionalize the program into the religious school curriculum. The program was revamped several years ago, and most of the hands-on work of assembling the packages are done by seventh grade students in the religious school. The up front costs are covered 100% by a congregational sponsor.

2009 Zachrenu - Remember Us

Realizing that the voices of the Survivors of the Holocaust soon will no longer be heard, the Men’s Club helped produce and distribute a DVD and curriculum featuring pre-B’nai Mitzvah students interviewing three Survivors and one Liberator. This DVD is a tool to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to students.

2009 Remembering the Kindertransport

In recognition of the 70th Anniversary of the Kindertransport (to move Jewish children from of Nazi Germany to England), the Brotherhood – in conjunction with the Beth Israel Sisterhood – sponsored this event. John Obermeyer, a child rescued by the Kindertransport (and now living in MD) was invited to speak. A representative from the British Embassy in Washington was also invited. After a sumptuous breakfast was served by the Brotherhood to the 230 attendees, a short ceremony was held where Mr.