Israel / Masorti Olami Programs

2007 Israel Through Eyes of our Teens (

Israel will be secure as long as American Jews have a strong bond to the land. Over the past 5 years, while
there has been unrest in the State of Israel, this bond has shown signs of weakening. Finding ways to
encourage our youth (and their parents) to visit and see the land, has always led to successful bonding for
those who go.
On March 11, Men’s Club and others in EBJC heard from several young adults who visited Israel tell their
uplifting stories - “What I did on my Summer Vacation” -Israel Through the Eyes of Teens. A few of us

2011 An Evening with Yotam Zach, Metrowest Youth Shaliach

Twenty-one-year old Yotam Zach, the 2009-2010 Metrowest (NJ) Youth Shaliach, presented to our club on September 15, 2009. Yotam spoke of his experiences growing up in Israel as the son of the mayor of the town of Azur, and leading an infantry unit that had to remove Jews from Gaza during disengagement and battle hostile forces in Gaza as shoulder-fired missles landed in Israeli border towns. Partnering with the CAI’s Israel Committee, the program’s purpose was to raise awareness of the realities of what it means to “grow up Israeli”.

2011 Chanukah Candle Distribution / NACOEJ Limudiah

A fundraiser was developed centering on the distribution of Chanukah Candles to our Congregation. We coupled this with the identification of the Limudiah program of the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ) as an organization near and dear to our Rabbi and Men’s Progress Club board members, to direct a portion of our proceeds from this program.

The objective of this Men's Club program was to:

2011 Men’s Club Scholar in Residence – A Collaborative Event

Over the past ten years, Temple Etz Chaim’s Men’s Club has sponsored a Scholar in Residence Weekend once yearly whereby we bring an eminent scholar or speaker to our community for a weekend of learning. As the expectations of our temple members have increased with the caliber of speakers we have been brought to campus, we have found it difficult to financially afford upper-echelon speakers. This Torch Award documents creative ways we have collaborated to bring such eminent scholars as Rabbi Bradley Artson to our synagogue.