Men's Health Programs

2009 Blazing Saddles

At the beginning of 2008, the Shomrei Torah Synagogue Men's Club established a recreational bicycle club for its members. We typically ride at least once per month, weather and calendar permitting. To encourage tzadeka and help raise health consciousness, some of us signed up for the "Tour de Cure". This is a nationwide program of the American Diabetes Association ("ADA"), whose goal is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

2011 Combined Temples Charity Golf Tournament

The Brotherhood of Temple Israel, Sharon, MA developed the Combined Temples Golf Tournament a year ago as way to combine the energies and talents of five area Temples to provide a great day of golf and camaraderie. A unique, turnkey model was created to produce the tournament such that more synagogues can become involved with little effort required on their part. All proceeds are then shared among the participating groups to benefit the charitable activities of each club.

2011 Havdallah and Hike

This activity is combines the spiritual experience, learning experience and physical exercise as one. This year (2010) we have done it twice already after Daylight Saving Time had started in our calendar to accommodate later start times. The idea is to be in nature finding a trailhead that can accommodate an open gathering place where the Havdallah ceremony can take place.

2007 Health Fair

The Beth Torah Men’s Club organized a health, wellness, and safety expo.  The second year we expanded it to include health, mind, body and spirit. We presented over 30 local health professionals and karate clubs. The event catered to all age groups. We had activities for toddlers with local gyms and karate clubs. We had lectures, blood donations and hospital involvement. We had pertinent information on Medicare benefits, organ donations, and Jewish genetic diseases.

2011 Improving the Health and Wellness of Our Members

Har Shalom began its Health and Wellness Program in earnest in September 2009. During its first year, the program gained a great deal of momentum that has since carried over to the 2010/2011 year. Our program is comprehensive. Some activities are informative, while others are physical in nature. The focus is on offering variety as we address the needs of Men‟s Club members of all ages as well as other men, women and children in our congregation. Our goal is to improve the health and longevity of our members and the congregation.

2011 Men’s Club Wellness Hikes

Building upon the success of our Havdallah and Hike program, two Men’s Club Board members thought that we should embark upon a more ambitious Shomrei Ha’Guf / Men’s Health initiative and have the Men’s Club Sponsor monthly hikes or other wellness activities throughout the year. So far, we have planned several hikes that have been well attended by a range of temple and Men’s Club members. We hope to branch out into other activities including bike rides and martial arts sessions.