Non FJMC Programs

2007 Shul Fest Barbecue

Several years ago, our club began to meet in late August or early September as a start-of-the-year, pre-holiday gathering in the form of a barbecue.  It was open to members of the club and their families.  The charge for the dinner was minimal and the turnouts usually ran around 60 people.  It ran from 3 to 7PM and gave everyone a chance to catch up on each others activities during the summer.

2007 Stretch and Kvetch Healthy Lifestyles"

This is a program that evolved from a Health series we held on Sundays once a month last year.  We had brought in doctors to discuss issues concerning the heart, prostate, over-weight, and more.  This program evolved into one that is exercise, lead by "Pro's" one Sunday morning a month.  Our member are invited to bring their wives.  A light breakfast is served before we "Stretch and Kvetch"  This has been a populr addition to our progr

2007 AA program

In mid-2006, one of the members of our Board raised the issue of the pervasive problems that alcohol and drugs have brought to our society and suggested that we might initiate an “AA” program.  This member had a problem several years ago and volunteered to lead the program if approved by our board and Rabbi.  With a very solid “yes”, this program was started last fall with 4 attendees who meet once a week.  There are now 12.  There is no expense – only coffee is served. 

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2007 Dance Program

1. The Men’s Club of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino promoted a successful Thanksgiving Dance on November 18th, 2007 in order to provide a social opportunity for singles to get together and for couples to have a night out.

2. The Jewish Singles commented that there was no other place for them to get together in a safe and non-threatening atmosphere. They requested that we promote a dance once a month, and form a singles club for them at our prestigious synagogue. They told us that VBS had a singles group many years ago and should have one again.

2007 Operation Macabbi, Support our Troops Overseas During Hanukkah

Operation Macabbi is designed to give our U.S. troops overseasand in harms way moral and where possible religious support during Hanukkah. It is very lonely to be Jewish in a military primarily Christian and also stationed in a Moslem country.  Many of our club members have serve in the military and we know what it means to be one of the few Jews in a military of hundreds of thousands of people. 


2007 Successful Political Forum Presented - Speakers Bureau

A Political Forum, sponsored by our Men’s Club, was held at Temple Beth Emet on October 30, 2006, one week prior to the November 2006 election.  The Forum featured the incumbent Congresswoman from California’s 47TH Congressional District (encompassing Santa Ana and Garden Grove), Democrat Lorreta Sanchez, and her Republican challenger Tan Nguyen.  Mr. Nguyen achieved his candidacy by winning an earlier hard fought runoff election.

2007 Membership Recruiting Efforts Bring Results

Our membership Vice President, Ron Gross, has done an extremely outstanding job of recruitment, and his “Century Club” goal of reaching 100 members will soon be reached.  In real numbers we only have roughly 160 male members in the Temple from which to form our Men’s Club potential membership base.  At this writing we have 97 members (91 paid, 4 complimentary [new Temple members], and 2 honorary).  That would factor out to better than 60% of potential members; quite an accomplishment as it stands.

2007 Revolving Fundraising Fund

The Temple Beth-El Mekor Chayim Men’s Club established a special $7,500 fund for our Temple’s Board of Trustees to draw against in order to promote and enable our Temple’s fund raising drives and activities.  In June 2006, by drawing against this special fund, our Temple was able to hold/produce a concert featuring the nationally known Kosher Gospel singer Cantor Joshua Nelson.   Drawing over 300 attendees, the concert was one of our Temple’s major fundraisers for the year.  Other benefits from the concert included publicity and membership leads, community participation and other good will.

2007 Olam Series of Poker – Texas Hold’em Tournament

Tifereth Israel Men’s Club held it’s second annual Texas Hold’em Tournament on January 18, 2007.  Texas Hold’em has become a very popular game for a crowd and our club seems to eat it up.  We had attendees across a wide range of ages, from early 20s to late 70s.  We had three tables with 8-9 players each for a total of 25 tournament players.  Each player bought in for $35 and received $500 in play chips.  The event is advertised as a fundraiser for the Men’s Club which donates to various charitable organizations throughout the year.  The event is held on a Thursday night starting at 7 PM an

2007 Sukkah Building

To promote observance of the major Jewish festival of Sukkot the club constructs
inexpensive kits that are easy to assemble and store. The kits are durable and provide a
sizeable plastic pipe frame with plastic tarp sides that tie onto the frame. Wooden slats
are provided for supporting the roof vegetation. The dimensions are a floor of7 ft x 10 ft
and topped by walls 7 ft high.
A crew often club members with no construction skills can produce 4-6 kits in
one long morning. Children can safely assist in the project. As a service project it builds