Programs for Young Men

2007 Young Members Initiative

Young Members Initiative (Eight Programs) Getting new, young leadership and members is a challenge all Men’s Club’s face.  Over the last fifteen months, we have added many brand new programs designed to attract young new members and train new leadership for our club.  It has been a wonderful success.  All the events listed below were run by new, young leaders and officers of our Men’s Club.  We know that we are in good hands as we look to the future of NSS Beth El’s Men’s Club.

2011 Bourbon in the Booth

Following up on its successful 2009 Scotch in the Sukkah, the club sponsored Bourbon in the Booth, a bourbon tasting on September 28, 2010. Distributors from the Jim Beam family of bourbons provided a rich tasting of several bourbons but also provided the social history of bourbon as well as some souvenirs. This event brought out new prospective members, who have been attending subsequent events.

2011 Healthy Cycling Club Attracts Younger Men …and Business Sponsors

In spring of 2009, David Hillelsohn, Glen Silas, Steve Greene, and other members of the Congregation Beth Emeth Men’s Club who were interested in cycling came up with a plan for a new group to promote physical fitness, bring members together, and provide additional financial resources for normal Men’s Club programming. By creating custom made jerseys, and accepting sponsorship in the form of corporate logos on those jerseys, they created a powerfully attractive incentive for income that could help other Men’s Club programs.

2011 Laker Girl

We took advantage of an opportunity to draw a big crowd.  A member is a writer and co-wrote Jeannie Buss's book.  Jeannie is an executive with the Lakers, the daughter of the Laker's owner, the girlfriend of the the Lakers coach and a former playboy model (ok that last one should be irrelevant, but…).

2011 Moms Afternoon Off

Busy young mothers need some time away from their grueling schedule of caring for young children. Moms need time off to take care of themselves. This program provides moms with that time, by sending young dads and their children to our Brotherhood event, to experience camaraderie with other young dads while the children are occupied nearby under supervision.

2011 Texas Hold’em Tournament fundraiser for Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Over the past two years, the economic downturn had a direct impact on many members of our community. To make a difference, we developed a Charity Texas Hold'em Tournament in which all entrance fees and matching gifts were donated to our rabbi's discretionary fund to be distributed anonymously to families in need. The event fulfilled a mitzvah in providing needed financial assistance to the community, attracted quite a few young men to participate, and left everyone with a great sense of enjoyment and accomplishment.

2011 The BOYZ Club for Younger Members

The Har Shalom Men's Club has several programs focused on the needs of our younger members, including Kids 'N Dads outings for younger fathers and their children, and adult education classes addressing the subject of raising young Jewish children. One of our most successful programs, The BOYZ Club, provides a unique opportunity for young Jewish men to get together with others on a regular basis for informal social activities. Open to all young men of the congregation, it has been a source of new club members, and leaders on the Board of Directors.

2011 Young Men's Initiative

Our Men's Club began an initiative in 2010 to attract a new core of young men to our Club.  We have been relying largely on the same group of men who have been leading our club for many years.  We felt it was necessary to begin a dedicated program designed to attract and engage a new core of young men to the Club