2011 Improving the Health and Wellness of Our Members

Har Shalom began its Health and Wellness Program in earnest in September 2009. During its first year, the program gained a great deal of momentum that has since carried over to the 2010/2011 year. Our program is comprehensive. Some activities are informative, while others are physical in nature. The focus is on offering variety as we address the needs of Men‟s Club members of all ages as well as other men, women and children in our congregation. Our goal is to improve the health and longevity of our members and the congregation.

2009 To Life !

“To Life!” Is the title for the overall health and wellness programming for the Temple Israel Brotherhood. In response to Bob Braitman’s outgoing presidential speech at the 2007 convention, we created programs to promote increased physical activity in our club. As a result, we have fielded a Brotherhood softball team as part of a Jewish Softball League through the summer, sponsored a golf tournament, F1 car racing, regular bike rides from the Spring through Fall, and “Tennis on Tuesdays” throughout the Fall and Spring.

2011 Moms Afternoon Off

Busy young mothers need some time away from their grueling schedule of caring for young children. Moms need time off to take care of themselves. This program provides moms with that time, by sending young dads and their children to our Brotherhood event, to experience camaraderie with other young dads while the children are occupied nearby under supervision.

2011 The BOYZ Club for Younger Members

The Har Shalom Men's Club has several programs focused on the needs of our younger members, including Kids 'N Dads outings for younger fathers and their children, and adult education classes addressing the subject of raising young Jewish children. One of our most successful programs, The BOYZ Club, provides a unique opportunity for young Jewish men to get together with others on a regular basis for informal social activities. Open to all young men of the congregation, it has been a source of new club members, and leaders on the Board of Directors.

2011 Chanukah Candle Distribution / NACOEJ Limudiah

A fundraiser was developed centering on the distribution of Chanukah Candles to our Congregation. We coupled this with the identification of the Limudiah program of the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ) as an organization near and dear to our Rabbi and Men’s Progress Club board members, to direct a portion of our proceeds from this program.

The objective of this Men's Club program was to: