2011 Combined Temples Charity Golf Tournament

The Brotherhood of Temple Israel, Sharon, MA developed the Combined Temples Golf Tournament a year ago as way to combine the energies and talents of five area Temples to provide a great day of golf and camaraderie. A unique, turnkey model was created to produce the tournament such that more synagogues can become involved with little effort required on their part. All proceeds are then shared among the participating groups to benefit the charitable activities of each club.

2007 Health Fair

The Beth Torah Men’s Club organized a health, wellness, and safety expo.  The second year we expanded it to include health, mind, body and spirit. We presented over 30 local health professionals and karate clubs. The event catered to all age groups. We had activities for toddlers with local gyms and karate clubs. We had lectures, blood donations and hospital involvement. We had pertinent information on Medicare benefits, organ donations, and Jewish genetic diseases.

2011 Healthy Cycling Club Attracts Younger Men …and Business Sponsors

In spring of 2009, David Hillelsohn, Glen Silas, Steve Greene, and other members of the Congregation Beth Emeth Men’s Club who were interested in cycling came up with a plan for a new group to promote physical fitness, bring members together, and provide additional financial resources for normal Men’s Club programming. By creating custom made jerseys, and accepting sponsorship in the form of corporate logos on those jerseys, they created a powerfully attractive incentive for income that could help other Men’s Club programs.

2011 Texas Hold’em Tournament fundraiser for Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Over the past two years, the economic downturn had a direct impact on many members of our community. To make a difference, we developed a Charity Texas Hold'em Tournament in which all entrance fees and matching gifts were donated to our rabbi's discretionary fund to be distributed anonymously to families in need. The event fulfilled a mitzvah in providing needed financial assistance to the community, attracted quite a few young men to participate, and left everyone with a great sense of enjoyment and accomplishment.

2011 A Solar Powered Ner Tamid

Temple Etz Chaim was selected as a pilot temple for a Solar Ner Tamid in 2008. Since that time, many other synagogues have followed this part of the Shomrei Ha’Aretz program. With the addition of a special Torch Award for synagogues considering installing or having installed a Solar Ner Tamid this year, we are applying for this award in 2011.

2011 Teaching Our Children About Tefillin and the Minyan

The Har Shalom Men’s Club has developed with our synagogue a multifaceted program to teach our children and congregants about tefillin and the minyan. The program includes a Family Education Program, a Learning Minyan, and the World Wide Wrap. The program has expanded the synagogue’s education program for our children and increased admiration for the Men’s Club amongst the clergy, synagogue professionals, lay leadership and the congregation.

2007 Thanksgiving Kids Party

The Temple Men’s Club has annually given a kids party the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Participants are encouraged to bring food for the food pantry. Children and their families are encouraged to come. The main activity is Children’s Bingo – no child goes home empty handed, with the top prizes being a boy’s bicycle and a girl’s bicycle. Refreshments provided include hot dogs, knishes, and fixings. We reach out to the community to invite physically and mentally disabled local residents of group homes

2007 The Road to Remembrance

The “Road to Remembrance” Holocaust Essay and Trip provides a linkage between generations past and present, as well as between Brotherhood members and temple youth.  Conceived by Irv Kempner as a tribute to General Eisenhower, who, at the end of World War II, challenged us as Jews and Americans to always bear witness to the Holocaust. High school students are given the opportunity to write an essay related to the Holocaust, and four winners are selected annually.