Following the introduction of the concept of “KERUV” at the 2001 FJMC Convention in Toronto, we began preparations for the format of the programme at our Shul. We wrote up the protocol and description, with the guidance of our Rabbi, Wayne Allen, and submitted that document to the FJMC. That plan was published in the “Let’s Talk About It” text (Page 75-76) and need not be restated here. The name chosen for the group was Rabbi Allen’s idea, since it described exactly what the issue is, and what our attitude ought to be. “MARRIED OUT but not OPTED OUT”.

2007 Men’s Club Sukkot Sales, Delivery, and Installation Program

For the last four years, the B’nai Israel Men’s Club has sold, delivered, and installed over 40 sukkot. The program began in 2003 with the sale of only 4 units, but quickly became popular in the synagogue. In 2004 13 sukkot were sold. In 2005 and 2006, a total of 26 new sukkot were sold. We partner with a company to purchase units designed for easy setup and takedown. What makes this program so unique is that Men’s Club volunteers deliver and install the new sukkot.

2007 Holocaust Remembrance (Six Programs)

The single most galvanizing event of modern Judaism is the Holocaust and subsequent establishment of Israel. As a result, Remembrance programs are central to NSS Beth El Men’s Club calendar of events. The last two years have brought some of the most meaningful and heartfelt programs we’ve ever done. The key to it all is the Yom HaShoah Candle Program. The money we raise from that program

2009 Zachrenu - Remember Us

Realizing that the voices of the Survivors of the Holocaust soon will no longer be heard, the Men’s Club helped produce and distribute a DVD and curriculum featuring pre-B’nai Mitzvah students interviewing three Survivors and one Liberator. This DVD is a tool to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to students.

2011 Yom Hashoah

After taking a year off, we returned to the FJMC Shoah candle program. We use the candle program to further strengthen the ties between our men and our youth, and to stand as an example for our community. Our 6th grade class and their parents take a morning to prepare 700 candles for mailing to our congregation. In return for this labor, the Men’s Club underwrites their Memorial DayWeekend trip to Washington, DC and the US Holocaust Museum and Memorial.