2005 Har Zion Men’s Club Holocaust Memorial/Yom Hashoah Candle Program

Har Zion Men’s Club conducts a highly successful Yom Hashoah Candle program in Phoenix and throughout Arizona (except Tucson) that results in the distribution of over 5000 candles by our club alone.  The funds and donations received through this program have been directed toward the establishment of a permanent Holocaust Memorial at Har Zion, and this year, the addition of a Survivor’s Wall to recognize Members and their family that survived this horror and served as a living memorial to assure that we will not forget what happened.

2005 Jewish Jeopardy

Why Was the Project Initiated:
To offer an entertaining program that was participative and educational

Project Description
On consecutive Sunday mornings following minyon and breakfast, teams of congregants went head to head in a Jeopardy contest to show off their knowledge of Jewish culture, history, practices, and language.  A Men’s Club committee created questions and the Vice President of Programming served as master of ceremonies.