2007 Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes has enhanced our image within our congregation as both a major fundraiser and as an anticipated
social event. It enables us to achieve our goal as our major fundraiser. It affords us the ability to make a
substantial donation to our synagogue and provide funding for other club programming. It is a highly visible
program that reminds the entire congregation of our Men’s Club’s value to the congregation and is an excellent
intro to prospective members and leaders. It also brings in money from non-members who annually buy tickets.

2009 Men's Club Partners With Religious School and USY for World Wide Wrap

CBE Men's Club teamed up with the Religious School to present the World Wide Wrap this year. Both adults and high school students were invited to this fun, educational program. Thanks to volunteers, everyone had the opportunity to learn how to "lay" Tefillin. Then, all participated in a very special USY musical morning minyan know as Sunday Shacharit Live, which featured videos, live music, and incredible ruach.

2009 Blazing Saddles

At the beginning of 2008, the Shomrei Torah Synagogue Men's Club established a recreational bicycle club for its members. We typically ride at least once per month, weather and calendar permitting. To encourage tzadeka and help raise health consciousness, some of us signed up for the "Tour de Cure". This is a nationwide program of the American Diabetes Association ("ADA"), whose goal is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

2009 To Life !

“To Life!” Is the title for the overall health and wellness programming for the Temple Israel Brotherhood. In response to Bob Braitman’s outgoing presidential speech at the 2007 convention, we created programs to promote increased physical activity in our club. As a result, we have fielded a Brotherhood softball team as part of a Jewish Softball League through the summer, sponsored a golf tournament, F1 car racing, regular bike rides from the Spring through Fall, and “Tennis on Tuesdays” throughout the Fall and Spring.

2009 Wellness Initiative

Taking to heart the encouraging words of Dr. Bob Braitman at the last FJMC Convention, the programming this year for the Men’s Club of Temple Aliyah included numerous activities which had an overwhelming focus on men’s health.  There was a particular drive to get more of our members exercising regularly.

2009 Wellness Initiative Programming

We were inspired by former FJMC president, Bob Braitman’s health and wellness initiative to ramp up what we do in this area at New City Jewish Center Men’s Club. For the current 2008-09 year, these activities have included a health related speaker at one of our monthly Sunday breakfasts, the “Walk to the Convention” challenge, a Family Ski Day, the introduction of healthy food our monthly Men’s Club business meeting, distribution of the FJMC Wellness News, a fishing and hiking excursion, and a family bowling event.

2009 Men’s Club Community Health Fair and Green Festival Program

In 2007, the Men’s Club at B’nai Israel sponsored the first “Healthy Choices Health Fair” for our congregation and the community. Over 350 people registered for event. We worked with local health care merchants, doctors, and service providers to enable the Fair to be as diverse as possible. As a result nearly 40 health care-related vendors set up exhibits in the main social hall; nearly 100 flu shots were given; and about 24 doctors and fitness experts participated in a unique “Ask-the-Doctor” speaker and demonstration series.