2011 Father / Daughter Hanukkah Dance

This event has become an “Instant Classic!” We transformed our traditional Hanukkah dance for older couples into a father/daughter dance. We had 60 “couples” in our first year, a DJ, decorated social hall, kidfriendly Hanukkah food, gift bags for the girls, games, and fun. Most girls were between 5-10 years old, but we had a couple of toddlers and a woman who was escorted by her 83 year-old father! We had a prom-style photo booth and each MC member received a free 5 x 7 photo. Non-members paid $5 for each photo, and everyone could order extras.

2011 New Ideas for Temple Picnic and BBQ

This is our last major event for the year, we generally put together a picnic in conjunction with a Temple Membership Open House. Instead of a simple “Hamburgers and Hot Dogs” afternoon, the Temple Etz Chaim Men’s Club has connected with the Temple Membership Committee and Youth Committees to bring our Temple members an afternoon of food, fun, and festivities. Finally, we plan a special “after party” for the Men’s Club Members participating in planning this outstanding event.

2011 Sacred Scrolls Showcase

To shine a spotlight on the FJMC Sefer Haftarah during its visit to Charlotte, the Men’s Club joined together with the religious school and hosted a Sacred Scrolls Showcase. Ten different activity stations included Torah trope, tefillin, Sefer Haftarah, find G-d’s name in the Torah, Megillat Esther, Rescued Holocaust Scroll, Torah Crowns and Breastplates, and more.

2011 Sukkot Lunch & Launch

We partnered with the synagogue's Focus on Families group to do programming that would attract young families.  The first was Sukkot program where we purchased kites and helped the kids build, design and fly them.  The second was for Purim where we also partnered with sisterhood to put on a play and make graggers.

2011 Teaching Our Children About Tefillin and the Minyan

The Har Shalom Men’s Club has developed with our synagogue a multifaceted program to teach our children and congregants about tefillin and the minyan. The program includes a Family Education Program, a Learning Minyan, and the World Wide Wrap. The program has expanded the synagogue’s education program for our children and increased admiration for the Men’s Club amongst the clergy, synagogue professionals, lay leadership and the congregation.

2011 The Final 2

A group of programs interacting with Temple Israel USY, including “The Final 2”, a basketball game between the Brotherhood and Temple Israel USY with proceeds marked for Tikkun Olam projects.

2011 Yom Hashoah Memorial Candle Project

The Yom Hashoah Candle Project was instituted at Beth David since more than 15 years ago. It is our major fund raising project for each year. Since the past two years, we have changed the mode of delivery of the Yellow candles. Instead of personal delivery to the homes or residences of members, we hand these out personally to all members attending the Purim Services & Carnival. We repeat this also at the 8th day of Pesach after Yizkor is read.

2011 Essay Contest for Yom HaShoah Memorialization

With an effort to spread the issues of the Holocaust throughout the community, school children from the area were invited to submit written essays based on different annual topics dealing with the Holocaust. A panel of judges awarded prizes for each school level (elementary, middle and high school) entry. Awards were presented at the Yom Hashoah annual event. Our men's club has sponsored this event for the last two years.