Training Database


Overheard at a Meeting of the Temple Beth Jurassic Men’s Club

Cave Man 1 to Cave Man 2:  “What are your plans for today?”

Cave Man 2 to Cave man 1:   “I think I’ll invent the wheel.”

Cave Man 1 to Cave Man 2:   “What’s wrong with you? You don’t have to invent it – Cave Man Goodyear has already made a perfect wheel, nice and round.  If you need a wheel, use his!”

Sounds ridiculous?  Yet, every time FJMC has a training program (at LDI, Convention, Retreats, etc.), some presenters start from scratch when preparing their programs.  If only there was a place on the web that they could access to review programs already prepared on the subject at hand…. Guess what? There is!

For many years, at Biennial Conventions and the annual Leadership Development Institute, FJMC leaders on both the regional and international level have prepared outstanding presentations about skills for becoming a more effective and better leader, “how to” seminars on various programs and skills, etc.  Now, the preparation notes, hand-outs and more are available for your use. Please click here to be taken to the Training Database on Google Drive.  There you will find many items of interest, some of which will undoubtedly help you to prepare for your next presentation.  There are various subdirectories categorizing the presentations, but using the search feature can be helpful as well. Use these materials as is or make a copy and update for your purposes.  If your presentation adds a new dimension to the material, we can add it to the database for others to use. Contact me at if you have questions or have additional material to add to the database.

Regions and Clubs could use this material to make short trainings part of their Board Meetings or other events including regional satellite training.  The possibilities are endless!

So, come out of the Stone Age and make use of great material to make your job easier.