Using Facebook for Event Invitations

At this year’s LDI, Jon Norton, who is in charge of social media for the city of Chicago, gave a presentation explaining how using a Facebook group is the best way to invite people to your events because Facebook does most of the work for you. Here is how it works.


One time Setup

  1. Create a Facebook group (not a page) for your club and other interested group members. Watch this video for instructions. Set up the group as a closed group so only those in the group can post to it.  
  2. Assign more than one person as administrators.
  3. Invite all of your club members that you can find on Facebook to the group. Have your officers do the same. Include a link to the group in all of your emails with a request that people join the group because you can only invite people to the group who are your Facebook friends.

Creating an Event (Invitation)

  1. Create an Event. The event can simply be a listing of the event details, a photo, or an image of a flier.
  2. Post your event to the group. When you click “post”, everyone in the group will receive a Facebook notification.
  3. Invite both group members and other friends to the event.
  4. Share the post:
    1. All of your leaders should share the post on their timelines.
    2. Share the event to other group pages - regional FB page, your synagogue’s FB page, etc.
    3. Reshare the post every week or so. You can schedule a post to go out at a specific date/time, so you can set it and forget it. See this short video about scheduling your posts.
  5. Facebook will send reminders to those who have not responded to the invitation.
  6. Facebook will send reminders to those who have responded by saying they are interested or going to the upcoming event.
  7. If someone who is not a member likes the event or is interested, you should send them an invitation to like/follow the group.


After the event, post some interesting photos to the group.