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FJMC Gives your Men's Club Value!  And Men's Club Goes Beyond Your Synagogue Parking Lot

We present FJMC online webinars to learn during these trying times.....about leadership development and so much more.  If you don't see a subject which you'd like to 'get together' with a group of men, even if they are thousands of miles away and in a different state or country, send an email to Karl Rubin, Webinar Coordinator:   During this time, we'll be showing some of the leadership talks which we've recorded, which we call fjmcTED - Ideas Worth Spreading, since leadership talents are really life skills, helping us to learn how to work productively within a group, whether the group be a work related group, a family, a club or whatever.  Those fjmcTED talks are also available on the FJMC website at this link

Recordings of the recent webinars are accessible
through the FJMC Webinars 2020-21 YouTube playlist.

They are also listed below. 

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