Yellow Candles on Tisha B'av

Many clubs have distributed Yellow Candles for lighting on Tisha B’av.  

“Everyone around the world who has a Yellow Candle at home should light it.” says Ed Margolis, FJMC Candle Logistics Chair.  “Tisha B’av is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar.  Please share your stories on social media or call with any questions. Email to Stay Safe.”  

Join one Special Tisha B’Av service Wednesday, July 29th at 7:30 P.M. Eastern time on Zoom at  Rich Berger, the Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus, North Miami Beach, FL’s Immediate Past-President says, “We feel that in a time like this, we need the community to recognize the importance of our synagogue to their lives.” 

The Men’s Club at Congregation Beth Judea, Long Grove, IL also reconfigured their Yellow Candle Program to align with Tisha B’av. They say the response has been incredible. 

This year another club started a new tradition by sending each family that ordered a Shoah Yellow Candle a postcard with the name of a child who perished during the Holocaust. When we recite the meditation or the Yizkor prayer during the year, these children’s names will be remembered for generations to come. 

Another opportunity to light a Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle is for the memorial remembrance of Kristallnacht (November 9, 2020).  Clubs who were not able to distribute their candles in the spring due to COVID can choose to distribute them in advance of Kristallnacht.  Many clubs have found ways of distributing their candles while respecting social distancing.