Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle™ Local Program Scheduling


  • Download the Program Guide. Click here.
  • Order candles now to ensure receipt.  
  • Get local assembly logistics in place by Purim.
  • Send or deliver the Candles before Pesah.
  • Thank volunteers and follow up by Shavuot.

Here are specific dates to keep in mind.

Key Ordering Dates

  • Starting September 23, 2019 - Save up to $9 per case* on quantity discounts for Bulk Yellow Candle™ Cases with FREE Shipping!
  • January 14, 2020 - Savings up to $9 per case**– Early Bird Discount with FREE Shipping ENDS.
  • February 25, 2020 - Last day to order Yellow Candles™ for Direct-Mail Shipment.
  • March 12, 2020 - Last day to order Bulk Candle Cases of Yellow Candles™.

* Minimum order of 4 cases, the more cases that are ordered, the larger the discount, see order form for details.
** Minimum order of 4 cases, the more cases that are ordered, the larger the discount, see order form for details.
Free shipping ends January 14, 2020.

I Have the Candles, Now What Do I Do?

Mid-January 2020 Delivery of Yellow Candles™ to your organizations will begin.  Prepare space to receive and store them.
February 3, 2020 Submit text and pictures to your organization's webmaster for inclusion on your organization's website.
February 3, 2020 Arrange for calendar notices and reminders to appear in your organization’s on-line calendar, weekly e-blasts, bulletin or newsletter, etc. prior to Yom HaShoah.
March 19, 2020 Arrange for your Rabbi, Spiritual, or Lay Leader to provide a letter of support for your program, to be sent in advance of your candles or included with your Yellow Candle™ delivery.
March 23, 2020

Submit a press release to Jewish & general local media outlets (printed & web-based.) Follow-up with telephone calls

by March 30, 2020

Follow-up with telephone calls.

by April 6, 2020 Provide your Rabbi, Clergy, or organizational leadership with an announcement to read at services or at public events reminding people to light their Yellow Candle™ on Yom Hashoah.
by March 23, 2020 Make sure that the staff in your organization’s office has copies of the announcements.
After April 8, 2020 Encourage the Rabbi, Clergy and leaders to post & share through their social media feeds.
NOTE: If your organization is distributing the candles by mail: Determine deadlines, set up your “packing team,”coordinate details for mail distribution.  Set aside some Yellow Candles™ to leave in your office for people to come in and pick-up, because they will hear about the program from social media or others.
Before March 29, 2020 Deliver mailing to the Post Office.
March Delivery of Direct-Mail Yellow Candles™ sent by the FJMC via standard bulk mail, will be about four weeks prior to Yom HaShoah.
March 29 - April 8, 2020 If your organization distributes your Yellow Candles™ by hand: finalize delivery teams, plan and establish routes. Then do it!  Deliver your Yellow Candles™ between April 14th and the 19th!
April 20, 2020 Erev Yom HaShoah - light Yellow Candle™ after sundown!

April 21, 2020
(27 Nisan)

Yom HaShoah!
April 21, 2020 & After Share photographs and reports of your program on social media, your website, and in your bulletin or newsletter - on Twitter and Instagram at #yellowcandle and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/YellowCandles.